About SNA

More than a decade ago, a group of Singaporean businessmen and restaurant owners in the Netherlands wanted to form an alliance and a recreational club to call their own. And on 10th July, 1991, Singapore Netherlands Association (now fondly known as SNA) was officially founded in Rotterdam.

SNA has come a long way, burrowing through many criticisms and growing stronger with each obstacle that comes our way. Today, our executive board members manage SNA, working voluntarily to carry out the following aims and goals of SNA.

The goals of SNA are:

To initiate social, cultural, recreational and educative activities for and amongst her members.
To create opportunities for the members to meet up and introduce one-another.
To serve as a link between Singapore and The Netherlands.To offer help and assistance for the members.
To undertake social and charity activities for the well being for the members and others.



  1. By Juan M. Norman on

    It’s really good to have alliance in other nations. Singapore is a bright and peaceful country too.


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